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What is an NPA Account and Its Consequences?

When a borrower fails to repay EMIs of a loan for a minimum of 3 months, then banks classify such accounts as NPA(Non-Performing Asset). In such conditions, the borrower will become a defaulter and banks try to recover the whole loan amount in a single go. But mostly at that time, the borrower was already […]

What Happens If Loan Goes to NPA (Non-Performing Asset)?

In the complex world of finance, loans play a vital role in driving economic growth and prosperity. They facilitate investments, aid businesses, and empower individuals to fulfill their dreams.  However, not all loans follow the path of timely repayments and successful outcomes. Some loans, unfortunately, turn into Non-Performing Assets or NPAs, causing ripples in the […]

One Time Settlement Funding

One Time Settlement funding is a type of new finance facility stipulated only for taking over the NPA debt liability of a borrower settled under a one-time settlement scheme toward mutual benefits of both borrower & banks/nbfc. Through npa funding, the borrower gets relief from all the financial & legal litigations with the bank and […]

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