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Big Loans for Bad Credit

Big Loans for Bad Credit are available for clients who have good business set-ups and require more funds to invest but are unable to raise loans from conventional banks & NBFCs due to some present or past credit rating issues. These issues arise due to delays in repayment of past or presently running loans but they have good business models which need expansion with the help of investment of external funds.

If a client has a good business that requires investment and good property to offer as collateral then they can easily avail big loan facility with bad credit ratings through us. The client can also get a moratorium on repayment and choose from a wide range of repayment methods as per business receivables.

Some of the Features:

  • Big Loans can be raised with bad credit ratings or poor cibil scores
  • Can be raised against Residential/commercial or industrial property
  • Facility of moratorium period & wide range repayment options
  • Suitable for big corporates & companies
  • Big Loans are available in PAN India
  • Bad loans can be refinanced
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